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Dos And Dont’s For Good Orthodontic Care

Dos And Dont’s For Good Orthodontic Care

Whether you have Braces, Invisalign or any appliance, here are care instructions:

  • Brush a minimum of three times a day, especially after meals and snacks.

  • Focus on brushing the gumline area first.

  • Use your fluoride toothpaste nightly after you floss your teeth. Remember to use just a pea size amount and do not rinse, eat, or drink for at least 30 minutes.

  • Your teeth and braces should always be sparkling clean! Make sure you are getting all the plaque and food off of your teeth and braces with proper brushing techniques. If food and plaque are not removed, decalcification can occur resulting in permanent white marks on your teeth. When brushing your teeth, pay extra close attention to brushing your gumline.

  • Visit your dentist for regular check-ups & cleanings – twice a year is recommended. We can see you to remove/replace your wires before and after your cleaning. Please call us to schedule.

  • Do not eat hard, sticky, chewy or crunchy foods. No caramels, taffy, sticky candy, or bubble gum! Trident or Extra sugarless gum is okay. Also avoid chewing on ice, nuts, popcorn, jerky or any foods that may cause damage to your braces such as hard breads and toasted bagels.

  • Hard foods like carrots and apples can still be eaten; however, they will need to be cut into small pieces, slices or cooked. Corn on the cob will need to be cut off the cob before eating.

  • Limit your intake of carbonated soda beverages or energy drinks. The acidity of these drinks can damage your tooth enamel.

    Remember, we are always available to answer questions you may have or help in any way.